Shepherd writeup

1.0 Summary

This is the shepherd writeup for draft-ietf-forces-lfb-subsidiary-management-01.txt, prepared  by Joel Halpern acting as document shepherd.  Alia Atlas is the Area Director handling the advancement of this individual proposed standard document.

This document was originally developed in the ForCES working group.  It was reviewed in that group, and has been reviewed by the shepherd after the closing of the working group.    As stated in the abstract:

   Deployment experience has demonstrated the value of using the
   Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) architecture to
   manage resources other than packet forwarding.  In that spirit, the
   Forwarding Element Manager (FEM) is modelled by creating a Logical
   Functional Block (LFB) to represent its functionality.  We refer to
   this LFB as the Subsidiary Mechanism (SM) LFB.  A Control Element
   (CE) that controls a Forwarding Element's (FE) resources can also
   manage its configuration via the SM LFB.  This document introduces
   the SM LFB, an LFB that specifies the configuration parameters of an

2.0 Review and Consensus
    The document shepherd has reviewed this document several times during its evolution.  The working group reviewed and briefly discussed the document in July on 2014, and adopted the document without dissent in February of 2015.  Informal discussion indicated agreement that the particular problem beign addressed was useful, and that the approach was consistent with the overall ForCES work.

3.0 Intellectual Property
    The shepherd has confirmed with all authors that there is no undisclosed intellectual property.  There was no IPR disclosed, and no discussion of IPR in the working group.

4.0 Other Considerations
    The IANA considerations section properly identifies the registrations to be made, the registry to be used, and the applicable rules (standards action) for this registration.