Default External BGP (EBGP) Route Propagation Behavior without Policies

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Comment (2017-06-05)
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Thank you for Appendix A; I think it is very helpful.

Dale Worley's name appears twice in the Acknowledgements section.

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Comment (2017-06-08)
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The Appendix A is typically what the OPS directorate would look for.

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Comment (2017-06-06)
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I echo Adam's appreciation for Appendix A.

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Comment (2017-06-06)
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I am having a little trouble reading Appendix A.

If I understand correctly, the idea is:

- In version N, you have a behavior X
- In version N+1, you introduce a setting S with default value S=X
- In version N+2 you change the default to S=!X

However, the text says that "installations upgraded from release N+1 will adhere to the previous insecure behavior"

Do you need to say that in N+1, you save the value S=X so that in N+1, it continues to apply?