An IPv6 Prefix for Overlay Routable Cryptographic Hash Identifiers Version 2 (ORCHIDv2)

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 05 and is now closed.

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Thanks for doing this document.

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Thanks for Always appreciated.

Below is the OPS-DIR review from Sue.

Technical/Administrative issue:

The IANA text for section 6 clearly identifies the IANA registry.  However, I’m not clear about the form IANA wants to review the entry for this table:

The authors should verify with IANA that the form of their IANA consideration sections is as IANA wants to see it.

Editorial Nit Comments (should fix, but not required)

Section 5 paragraph 2


“Therefore, the present design allows to use different hash functions to be used per given Context ID for constructing ORCHIDs from input bit strings. “


“Therefore, the present design allows the use of different hash functions per

Given Context ID for constructing ORCHIDS for input bit strings.”

Grammatical note for Julien and Francis:  Old sentences utilizes the infinitive form (to use/to be used) without having any real verb.  Since this is a specification going with the present tense verb provides a precise definition.

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Comment (2014-06-26 for -07)
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- I was a bit surprised not to see an OGA value being
defined for e.g. sha256. Why is that not here? (Put
another way, I didn't get the meaning of the 2nd para of
section 6.)

- No need to answer this if you don't care, which is
probably the case, I'm just curious:-) We added a special
reserved value to RFC6920 for ORCHIDs. Should that now be
changed or something?

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Good update, and I'm glad this is going to Standards Track.

The IANA considerations has a slight change due, which we discussed.

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Thanks for adding the text on security related to truncation.

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