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Shepherd writeup

# Shepherd Writeup for draft-ietf-httpbis-h2-websockets

## 1. Summary

Mark Nottingham is the Document Shepherd; Alexey Melnikov is the responsible Area Director.

This document defines a mechanism for running the WebSocket Protocol over a single stream of an
HTTP/2 connection.

The intended publication type is Proposed Standard.

## 2. Review and Consensus

This document enjoyed broad discussion and review in the HTTP Working Group; there seems to be
significant community interest in it, since it enables the use of WebSockets on a HTTP/2 server,
reducing operational issues for Web sites.

Deployment depends upon implementation in Web browsers; at least one has already written code for
this feature and is in process of shipping it.

There was some concern about whether it was appropriate for a version-specific extension (a HTTP/2
SETTING) to modify the semantics of a version-generic HTTP method (CONNECT), but the WG reached
consensus that CONNECT is "special" in this regard.

## 3. Intellectual Property

Patrick has confirmed that to his direct, personal knowledge, no IPR related to this document needs
to be disclosed.

## 4. Other Points

The document does not have any downrefs.

IDNits points out some minor issues which will be addressed in a subsequent draft.

The IANA Considerations are concise and correct. Note that 0x8 was chosen to avoid colliding with