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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Back in the day, RFC2031 described the relationship between the IETF and the
Internet Society, in particular reviewing the history and philosophy behind the
IETF's connection to the Internet Society. The new IASA 2.0 structure changes
that relationship in several salient particulars. This document simply revises
this prior Informational document to reflect the IASA 2.0 changes.

2. Review and Consensus

This document was thoroughly reviewed by the IASA2.0 WG, and received a good
amount of comment. There is a consensus to advance the document.

3. Intellectual Property

This document is not a protocol specification and it contains no technical
solutions that might require a disclosure.

4. Other Points

This revision changes RFC2031 as little as possible. The language is careful to
reinforce that the IETF LLC does not portend a severance of the IETF from ISOC,
but instead an ongoing, evolving relationship.