Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

draft-ietf-iasa2-rfc7437bis defines the selection, confirmation, and recall process for IETF NomCom appointments. As component of the IASA2 process, changes to this process are required for three main reasons: to support NomCom appointment of IETF LLC Board members in place of the prior IAOC appointment process; to replace previous guidance about selecting IETF Trust members from the IAOC with a new, independent process; and to reflect the renaming of the previous IETF Executive Director position to the Managing Director of the IETF Secretariat. 

As such, this document obsoletes RFC7437. It also obsoletes RFC8318, which gave guidance for NomCom process surrounding the now-defunct IAOC.

2. Review and Consensus

For the most part, this document steers close to RFC7437, introducing no changes except where necessary to reflect shifts in the IETF administrative process resulting from the IASA2 restructuring. It has had sufficient comment in the working group, including multiple reviews with resulting revisions. The WG supports the advancement of this document as a necessary part of the IASA2 transition. 

3. Intellectual Property

This document is not a protocol specification and it contains no technical solutions that might require a disclosure.

4. Other Points

RFC3710 is listed as a normative reference (and thus a downref); this probably could be moved to an Informational reference. Alternatively, we might just remove the reference to RFC3710 entirely from this document, as it was in RFC7437 in the first place to refer to the old Executive Director function. 

A few miscellaneous non-blocking notes:

The guidance regarding IAB mid-term vacancies in 3.8 is a little unclear: what exactly is the difference between steps 3 and 4? If there is a difference, should 4 come before 3?

In Appendix C, tradition 4 mentions that there are no term limits - that isn't true of LLC Directors per struct 4.10.

Also, nits:

Last paragraph of Intro - this does not so much "update" IAOC selection, it abolishes it.

Nit in 3.4 "Section 2. of" should drop the period, and also the link there points to the wrong place.

Nit in 4.2 last paragraph "the Nomcom operate independently" should be "Nomcoms"?