Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

draft-ietf-iana2-trust-update updates the process for the selection of Trustees for the IETF Trust. From the abstract:

   This memo updates the selection of trustees for the IETF Trust.
   Previously, the Internet Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC)
   members also acted as trustees but the IAOC has been eliminated as
   part of an update of the structure of the Internet Administrative
   Support Activity (IASA).  This memo specifies that the trustees shall
   be selected separately.

iana2-trust-update will, if approved, update RFC 4071 and 4731 to alter the process of Trustee selection, but does not otherwise change the Trust. In order to update those documents, the IASA2.0 WG has asked for publication of this document as a BCP.

This is a very brief document, with only a few paragraphs of text detailing the changes: that of the five Trustees, three shall be appointed by the NomCom, one by the IESG, and one by the ISOC Board of Trustees. Staggered terms for the initial round of appointments are required. 

2. Review and Consensus

This document was thoroughly reviewed by the IASA2.0 WG. The WGLC was uneventful. This document has already been reviewed by GEN-ART.

3. Intellectual Property

This document is not a protocol specification and it contains no technical solutions that might require a disclosure.

4. Other Points

IDnits reports no significant issues with the document (it does lack a Security Considerations and it has no considerations for the IANA, but it needs neither). In particular, there are no normative downreferences from this document.