Shepherd writeup

 RFC 4858 template: 

Revision 2: 3/20/14
Note: Submitted to AD while early reviews come in: 

Document shepherd: Susan Hares
Responsible AD: Alia Atlas

(1) RFC type: Proposed Standard

(2) The IESG approval announcement includes a Document Announcement
Write-Up. Please provide such a Document Announcement Write-Up. Recent
examples can be found in the "Action" announcements for approved
documents. The approval announcement contains the following sections:

Technical Summary

   In this document we enhance the existing BGP route refresh mechanisms
   to provide for the demarcation of the beginning and the ending of a
   route refresh.  The enhancement can be used to facilitate correction
   of BGP RIB inconsistencies in a non-disruptive manner.

Working Group Summary

  WG discussion was extremely active and produced
 changes that were fed back into the implementations of
 3 router vendors. 

Document Quality

Debate provided good feedback and refinement for 3 implementations. 
2 Implementations (Cisco and NTT I3) are described the implementation report:

(3) Briefly describe the review of this document that was performed by
the Document Shepherd.  

Editorial review was done, and should result in -07 version. 

(4) Does the document Shepherd have any concerns about the depth or
breadth of the reviews that have been performed?  

No, the extremely active WG list discussion had implementers, 
operations people, and carriers. 

(5) Additional Reviews in Progress
1) IANA Early review requested
2) OPS-DIr Early review requested 

(6) Describe any specific concerns or issues that the Document Shepherd
has with this document that the Responsible Area Director and/or the
IESG should be aware of? 

(7) Has each author confirmed that any and all appropriate IPR
disclosures required for full conformance with the provisions of BCP 78
and BCP 79 have already been filed. If not, explain why.

NO IPR has been claimed on this draft.  

(8) IPR disclosures: None 

(9) WG Consensus:Strong WG Consensus with vibrant and constructive
comments resulting in operational fixes that vendors implemented. 
3 implementations reported. Two document in:

(10) Appeals and Discontent: None 

(11) Nits: Exist
Following nits and editorial issues will result in revision -07 (pending from authors)
a) too-long lines
b) RFC 2119 boiler plate issues
c) editorial issues 

(12) Describe how the document meets any required formal review
criteria, such as the MIB Doctor, media type, and URI type reviews.

Document needs IANA due to assignment. It needs OPS-DIR and RTG-DIR review due to  Route Refresh deployments.  Early reviews have been requested, and
this shepherd write-up will be updated as the Early reviews are done. 

(13)/(14)/(15) Normative/informative References: 
All up-level, an Checked 

(16) Will publication of this document change the status of any
existing RFCs?

RFC 2918 is being modified.  Version 07 of this draft should have this change. 
(this note will be removed

(17) IANA Considerations (Shepherd's review) 

All protocol registries and assignments are correct, but an early IANA review has been requested. 

   This document defines the Enhanced Route Refresh Capability for BGP.
   The Capability Code 70 has been assigned by the IANA.  This document
   also defines two new subcodes for the Route Refresh message.  They
   need to be registered with the IANA.  

18 - New registries: 
 IANA will need to create a registry for the Route Refresh message subcodes as follows:

       Under "Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Parameters":
       Registry: "BGP Route Refresh Subcodes"
       Reference: [draft-ietf-idr-bgp-enhanced-refresh-06.txt]
       Registration Procedure(s): Values 0-127 Standards Action, values
       128-254 First Come, First Served, Value 255 reserved

       Value  Code                Reference
       0      Route-Refresh       [RFC2918], [RFC5291]
       1      BoRR                [draft-ietf-idr-bgp-enhanced-refresh-06.txt]
       2      EoRR                [draft-ietf-idr-bgp-enhanced-refresh-06.txt]
       255    Reserved

2nd new registries: 

       Under "BGP Error Subcodes":
       Registry: "BGP ROUTE-REFRESH Message Error subcodes"
       Reference: [draft-ietf-idr-bgp-enhanced-refresh-06.txt]
       Registration Procedure(s): Values 0-127 Standards Action, values
       128-255 First Come, First Served

       Value  Code                     Reference
       0      Reserved
       1      Invalid Message Length   [draft-ietf-idr-bgp-enhanced-refresh-06.txt]

(18) List any new IANA registries that require Expert Review for future
These are standard's registries so the IDR WG will need to work. 

(19) Describe reviews and automated checks performed by the Document
Shepherd to validate sections of the document written in a formal
language, such as XML code, BNF rules, MIB definitions, etc.

Not applicable.