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Shepherd writeup

1.  Summary

S. Moonesamy is the Document Shepherd for this document. Barry Leiba is
the Responsible Area Director.

The document defines an extension to the IMAP service whereby a server
can advertise its capability to support maximum mail upload size using
CAPABILITY, STATUS, and LIST commands.  The type of RFC being requested
is Proposed Standard as the draft defines a protocol that will have
to be supported on by an IMAP client and an IMAP server.

2. Review and Consensus

The document was reviewed by the Imapapnd Working Group.  There was a
small number of participants interested in the draft.    Stu Brandt
stated that the specification has been implemented by AOL.   Timo
Sirainen and Arnt Gulbrandsen asked a question about why implement an
IMAP capability that is going to be a problem in only some very rare
cases.  Although the document addresses that in Section 1, it did not
convince part of the working group.  Alexey Melnikov reviewed several
iterations of the draft, including the version for the WGLC.  The WG
Consensus on the IMAP APPENDLIMIT Extension can be described as rough
even though there wasn't any noteworthy controversy.

3. Intellectual Property

Each author stated that the draft is in conformance with BCPs 78 and 79.

4. Other Points

idnits returns a warning about a missing reference for RFC4549.  There
is a reference to that RFC in Section 4 of the document.  (AD note: It's
complaining about a missing reference, not a missing citation, and this
is because the heading for Section 8.2 is malformed, so IDnits doesn't
see the reference.  Authors should fix.)