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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Alexey Melnikov is the document shepherd. Barry Leiba is the
responsible AD.

This document defines an IMAP extension to move messages from one
mailbox to another. This function (very common in MUA UIs) is not
provided by stock IMAP, and clients have to use a combination of
UID STORE, UID COPY and EXPUNGE, and cope with partial failures
and side effects.  The document is targeted to become as
Standards Track document, which is appropriate for this type of

2. Review and Consensus

There was some discussion in the WG about whether MOVE command
(as opposed to just UID MOVE) should be defined in the document
or not. Consensus was that there was no reason not to define it
(this preserves symmetry with other IMAP commands that operate on
a group of messages.)

There was also a discussion on whether multiple pipelined MOVE
commands should be allowed or not.

None of these discussions were particularly heated or long lived.
The document was extensively reviewed by IMAP experts and that is
the most important type of review for it.

There are multiple implementations of this IMAP extension in both
clients and servers. More than 5 different servers implement it

3. Intellectual Property

The authors confirm compliance with BCPs 78 and 79, and there are
no IPR disclosures related to this document.

4. Other Points

idnits 2.12.13 reports 1 warning about a missing reference, which
is a false positive -- an IMAP protocol element "[UID]".