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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Document Shepherd: Russ White
Responsible AD: Alia Atlas

draft-ietf-karp-isis-analysis is an information track document designed to
provide information around security for the Intermediate System to Intermediate
System (IS-IS) routing protocol. IS-IS is used widely in large scale networks
to provide reacuability for IP, layer 2 (through the TRILL working group), and
MPLS label distribution. The document also provides recommendations, based on
the KARP design guide, to address the security gaps discussed.

This document is information because it does not modify the IS-IS protocol.

2. Review and Consensus

I searched the KARP archives for this draft and it's predecessor
(draft-chunduri-karp-is-is-gap-analysis), and found very little discussion. The
discussion points brought up during the various phases of working group review
appear to have been addressed by the authors, however. The draft did attract
interest by several people who are known experts in IS-IS, and in general
security principles, so the draft does appear to be well reviewed.

3. Intellectual Property

As this draft does not propose modifications to either the algorithms or
operation of IS-IS, there is no apparent IPR which would require disclosure. I
have checked with the authors directly to verify there is no IPR to disclose on
this draft.

4. Other Points

There are no downward references in the document. I checked the registry and
the document itself.

There are no IANA considerations in the document.

The id-nits tool shows two unused references --

  == Unused Reference: 'I-D.hartman-karp-mrkmp' is defined on line 488, but
     no explicit reference was found in the text

  == Unused Reference: 'RFC4107' is defined on line 506, but no explicit
     reference was found in the text

The first reference is actually found in section 3.2, at the bottom of the
first paragraph, but I think the ref must be formed wrong if the nits tool is
picking it up as unused. The second, RFC4107, doesn't appear to be used any
place. These need to be cleaned up before the document is published.

The shepherd stands behind this document, and thinks it is ready for
publication (outside the two nits mentioned above).