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Shepherd writeup

Mohit Sethi is the document Shepherd. Erik Kline is the responsible Area

The document defines techniques for a minimal implementation of the
Encapsulation Security Payload (ESP) defined in RFC 4303. It does not update or
modify RFC 4303 in any way. In case of any conflicts RFC 4303 is treated as
authoritative description.

The following people reviewed and provided comments: Tero Kivinen, Valery
Smyslov, and Scott Fluhrer. Paul Wouters had expressed some reservations
during the call for adoption. He had reservations against relaxing the
randomness requirements for SPI. Paul also noted that the argument for not
having a sequence number counters are weak as AES-GCM and CHACHA20POLY1305
require a counter anyways. Paul was amenable to adopting the document as long
as it was defining an ESP profile for resource-constrained devices and not
modifying the protocol itself.

Edit: 7th June 2021: There was input from Paul Wouters after the WGLC: After
an explanation from Tero, Paul wrote: "This email has helped a lot and I would
really like to see some of this text included in the draft.". I believe the
authors have updated the draft based on the email discussion:

No issues were raised during the working group last call. The document shepherd
has solicited reviews from security and IoT directorate as well as the gen-art

The Shepherd has verified that all of the authors have already disclosed any
IPR related to this document, as is required by BCPs 78 and 79.

There are no DOWNREFs.

There are no IANA considerations.