Requirements for Parallel NFS (pNFS) Layout Types

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Thanks for your work on this draft.  I would expect the security consideration to discuss the shift to security at the client as well as to see some text on access controls and access checks, which may just refer to existing sections.  

The SecDir review had similar comments with some specific suggestions that do not appear to have been addressed, but please do point me to the thread if there has been follow up.  Specifically, better organization of the security considerations is requested and I agree with Joe's assessment.

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The ballot and shepherd writeup say "informational", but the document says "Standards Track." I assume the former is intended.

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Some nits and editorial comments, as mentioned by Menachem in his OPS-DIR review:


The tool has found the following: 

 == Outdated reference: A later version (-05) exists of

Additional NITS

Abstract First Sentence: Repetition of the word "those".

This document provides help in distinguishing between the requirements for Network File System (NFS) version 4.1's Parallel NFS (pNFS) and those those specifically directed to the pNFS File Layout.

Section 2: Definitions - Not sure whether the word :striped" was intended here.

Data Server (DS): is one of the pNFS servers which provide the contents of a file system object which is a regular file. Depending on the layout, there might be one or more data servers over which the data is striped. 

Section 2: Definitions - Suggest "lay out" rather than "lays out".

Layout Type: describes both the storage protocol used to access the data and the aggregation scheme used to lays out the file data on the underlying storage devices. 

Section 3.3: Editorial Requirements - Suggest "separately" rather than "separably"

"While these could be envisioned as one section in that the fencing
 issue might be the only security issue, it is recommended to deal
 with them separably."

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Did I miss a response to the secdir review? [1] I think
Joe's questions are worth answering so I hope you do.


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4.3.  Object Layout Type

   The Object Layout Type focuses security checks to occur during the
   allocation of the layout.  The client will typically ask for a layout
   for each byte-range of either READ or READ/WRITE

I don't think focuses is right word in this context... forces?

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