A Framework for Multicast in Network Virtualization over Layer 3

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Comment (2017-10-12 for -10)
Is there supposed to be text in section 1.3?

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Comment (2017-10-11 for -10)
I agree with Mirja's Discuss, but I've been watching the conversation with the TSV-ART reviewer and I'm sure the right things will happen. 

Thanks for putting this document together. It seems helpful.

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Comment (2017-10-11 for -10)
Firstly, thanks to Tianran Zhou for the OpsDir review -- please address his nits. 

I have an additional nit:

Section 3. Multicast mechanisms in networks that use NVO3
"What makes NVO3 different from any other network is that some NVEs, especially the NVE implemented on server, ..."
s/server/servers/ ?

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Comment (2017-10-23)
Thanks for addressing my discuss!

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