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Shepherd writeup

(1.a) I (David Bryan, as document shepherd) have reviewed the most
recent version of draft-ietf-p2psip-base-15 and found it ready for

(1.b) The document has had significant WG discussion and review, and
even a few implementations and comments by those reviewers. The chairs
have tapped a number of selected reviewers on previous versions for

(1.c) I generally have no broader concerns about review, but there
have been a number of comments raised about the XML included in the
draft. I don’t believe either the editors or those raising the
comments are (or would claim to be) XML experts. It may be useful to
find an XML expert and have a pass over the XML section.

(1.d) I have no specific concerns about this document that the IESG
should be aware of. The following IPR disclosure (not from any of the
editors) claims it applies to this draft, but no specifics of any kind
are specified:

(1.e) The WG as a whole has shown strong consensus behind this draft
over a long period.

(1.f) At this point, I am aware of no likely appeals or major objections.

(1.g) I have run IDNits on the document. There are some problems with
references (out of date, references to informational, etc.) and a few
other nits that need to be fixed prior to publication.

(1.h) The references are split. As mentioned above, there are downward
references (presumably to be moved to informative references).

Downref: Normative reference to an Informational RFC: RFC 2818
Downref: Normative reference to an Informational RFC: RFC 3174
Downref: Normative reference to an Informational RFC: RFC 3447
Downref: Normative reference to an Informational RFC: RFC 6091
Downref: Normative reference to an Informational RFC: RFC 6234

(1.i) The document has an IANA considerations section, and appears to
be consistent with the document. There are a considerable number of
IANA registrations proposed in the document. Reasonable names are
suggested for registries.

(1.j) I (and many others) have examined the formal language for the
protocol. I have not personally verified the XML, but as mentioned
above there has been extensive discussion of the XML syntax and it may
be wise to have an expert look at the XML.


Technical Summary
       This document defines a protocol to manage a secure Peer-to-Peer
(P2P) Distributed Hash Table (DHT) connection structure for use by
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) devices which allows these device to
function with minimal central servers. The protocol provides
functionality to allow devices to securely form, join, leave, and
maintain an overlay of peers. It also allows devices to establish
connections between each other, and to collectively augment or replace
the location and connection establishment capabilities of traditional
client-server SIP in a P2P context.

Working Group Summary
       This document is a WG document that has WG consensus.

Document Quality
       This document has been looked at by many reviewers, including a
number of chair-appointed reviews. While there are still perhaps some
minor editorial issues, the document is of good quality.