The Application of the Path Computation Element Architecture to the Determination of a Sequence of Domains in MPLS and GMPLS

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Comment (2012-09-12)
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TED is used before being defined (on p11)

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Comment (2012-09-05)
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I have no problems with the publication of this document and only have the following comment.

- The discussion of objective functions seems incomplete.  Section 4.1 talks about deriving an optimal end-to-end path based on an OF or set of OFs.  However, in talking with one of the authors, it became clear that the same OF (or set of OFs) may not be applied across all domains given local policy within a domain and/or contractual arrangements between domains.  I think it would be useful to add some discussion of these types of issues and the impact they will have on the optimality of the computed path.

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