Overview of Pre-Congestion Notification Encoding

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Comment (2012-03-19 for -09)
Thank you for addressing my Discuss issues and Comments.

Note that the revised text in Section 5 (for which, thanks) is
missing blank lines between the paragraphs.

Stephen Farrell No Objection

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Comment (2012-03-01 for -09)
The Gen-ART Review by Pete McCann on 28-Feb-2012 included some
  editorial suggestions that deserve consideration

  (1) Section says:
  > ... full-functionality option in Section
  I think you meant "Section".  One other place in this
  paragraph needs this correction too.

  (2) Section 4.2 says:
  > The problem with 3-in-1 encoding is that the 10-codepoint does
  > not survive decapsulation with the tunneling options in
  > Section -
  Again, you meant -

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