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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

The document shepherd is Marc Blanchet. The responsible Area Director is Alexey

This document is part of a set of revised RFCs (7564, 7613, 7700), based on
implementation experience. 7564 is the base Precis protocol, 7613 and 7700 are
profiles for specific use (username/passwords and nicknames respectively). 
This revised document, the Precis profile for nickname, essentially clarifies
the original specification and make it synchronized with the revised base spec,
specially regarding case mapping.

2. Review and Consensus

Multiple versions of the revised spec was discussed over more than a year in
the working group mailing list. As a clarification of the original profile
specification, there was no real contention on the document. A discussion
happened on a desirable property of being idempotent, but the discussion went
that this is a desirable property, not an absolute requirment.

3. Intellectual Property

Each author has confirmed conformance with BCP 78/79. There are no IPR
disclosures on the document.

4. Other Points

No change to IANA Precis registries and related policies