Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Eliot Lear is the shepherd.  Barry Leiba is the Area Director.

This document rolls together two sets of changes, one for CONDSTORE
and one for QRESYNC, for the IMAP protocol.  Errata have been
addressed, as well as a small number of technical issues with the
existing RFCs 4551 and 5162.  The document is intended to obsolete
both documents.  Its status should be Proposed Standard, although it
should be possible to elevate it relatively soon.

2. Review and Consensus

Along with the shepherd, several implementors reviewed the document
and came to consensus.  This discussion caught an issue relating to
mod-sequence-value.  More than rough consensus exists, and this
is a fairly uncontroversial document.  An apps directorate
review was performed. All issues were resolved.

3. Intellectual Property

Each author has confirmed their conformance with BCPs 78 and 79.
There are no IPR disclosures that the shepherd is aware of.  The
document contains a pre-5378 disclaimer because it contains text
from four earlier RFCs, representing four authors that have not been
contacted.  At least two of them cannot be contacted.

4. Other Points

There is a downref from this document to RFC 2683.  RFC 2683 provides
for commonly accepted implementation recommendations.  The reason for
the downrefis is that this document updates the line length limit.  A
familiarity with 2863 is therefore important to understand this discussion
for purposes of implementation.  The wiki has been updated accordingly.

As this is an update, IANA is requested to update the
imap4-capabilities registry to point to it instead of the documents it
is obsoleting.