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Shepherd writeup

This is a write-up for the draft-ietf-regext-org-08 and draft-ietf-regext-org-ext-07 
documents as they belong together and were reviewed and treated as one work item.

1. Summary
The document shepherd is Pieter Vandepitte,
The responsible Area Director is Adam Roach,
The documents are submitted for consideration as a Proposed Standard:
they have received community review and are of interest to multiple parties as 
they cover a basic need among domain name registrars and registries.

Original work for the documents started as a need to register resellers for 
domain names to be represented in Whois and RDAP. The working group concluded 
that the objective was too limited to justify the introduction of a new EPP 
object, as they remarked that future organization roles other than resellers 
would each require their own EPP object. Furthermore, if each role would be 
represented by its own object, it would lead to a proliferation of different
objects, some of them representing the same organization. This would make it 
hard to maintain and potentially lead to errors. Therefore, these Internet drafts 
define an organization object which can be assigned multiple roles, and 
role types are standardized in an IANA registry to prevent a proliferation of role 
types across registries.

The draft-ietf-regext-org-08 document describes an 
Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) mapping for provisioning and management 
of organization objects stored in a shared central repository.  Specified in 
Extensible Markup Language (XML), this extended mapping is applied to provide
additional features required for the provisioning of organizations.
The draft-ietf-regext-org-ext-07 document describes an extension to EPP object 
mappings, which is designed to support assigning an organization to any existing 
object (domain, host, contact) as well as any future objects.

Both documents are an extension of the core EPP specifications
in STD 69. They use the framework outlined in RFC 3735
"Guidelines for Extending the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)",
to extend some EPP operations by exchanging a new piece of information,
the organization object. 
Both documents written with the usual set of sections in the expected order like 
other documents extending EPP, in order to make its reading simpler for future 
The documents follow the RFC style described in RFC 7322 and do not introduce 
new security considerations besides the new existing in the core EPP RFCs.
All references have been identified as either normative or informative.
There are no normative references on documents with unclear state and no
downward normative references.
2. Review and Consensus
Both documents have been discussed on the mailing lists and various IETF meetings 
of the regext working group. The authors have addressed all comments and changes 
have been incorporated in the documents. The documents have been updated several 
times during the WGLC due to several thorough reviews.
Verisign and CNNIC have working implementations of the specifications and at least 
2 other Registry operators have plans or are interested in implementing the 
3. Intellectual Property
The author has confirmed following BCP 78 and BCP 79 in the document header.
No IPR disclosures have been submitted for the documents.
4. Other Points
All EPP XML examples have been validated against the XML schema provided
in the drafts by the Document Shepherd.
Each document requests IANA to register a new XML namespace URI and the
XML schemas for the namespace definitions. Additionally it requests IANA
to insert the document in the EPP Extension Registry, per RFC 7451.
The draft-ietf-regext-org-08 document requests IANA to create a new protocol registry to
manage organization roles.  All requirements for such a request have been
met.  A detailed review by IANA is suggested.