A YANG Data Model for the Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

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Comment (2018-01-11 for -08)
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Looking at the YANG modules dependencies. See https://www.yangcatalog.org/yang-search/impact_analysis.php?modules[]=ietf-rip@2018-01-09.yang&recurse=0&rfcs=1&show_subm=1&show_dir=dependencies

I would appreciate an update from the RTG ADs on these 3 normative references:

              Rahman, R., Zheng, L., Jethanandani, M., Networks, J., and
              G. Mirsky, "YANG Data Model for Bidirectional Forwarding
              Detection (BFD)", draft-ietf-bfd-yang-07 (work in
              progress), October 2017.

              Litkowski, S., Yeung, D., Lindem, A., Zhang, Z., and L.
              Lhotka, "YANG Data Model for IS-IS protocol", draft-ietf-
              isis-yang-isis-cfg-19 (work in progress), November 2017.

              Yeung, D., Qu, Y., Zhang, Z., Chen, I., and A. Lindem,
              "Yang Data Model for OSPF Protocol", draft-ietf-ospf-
              yang-09 (work in progress), October 2017.

Any risk that the content will change and impact the YANG module in draft-ietf-rtgwg-yang-rip? All other YANG module dependencies are either on this telechat or the next one (RFC8022bis).

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Comment (2018-01-10 for -08)
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Balloting No Objection ("I read the protocol action, and I trust the sponsoring AD so have no problem.") - ran out of time to review.

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Comment (2018-01-10 for -08)
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Thanks for applying the Security Considerations template.

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Comment (2018-01-10 for -08)
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I have a few minor comments.

In the YANG module, I find this definition:

               leaf address {
                 type inet:ip-prefix;
                   "IPv4 address, in the form A.B.C.D, and the prefix
                    length, separated by the slash (/) character;
                    or IPv6 address, in the form A:B:C:D:E:F:G:H, and
                    the prefix length, separated by the slash (/)

The description -- which clearly says that IPv6 addresses need to be represented as eight discreet components -- implies that the use of :: (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5952#section-4.1) and embedded IPv4 addresses (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5952#section-5) is forbidden. This seems to be a restriction above and beyond that defined for ipv6-prefix in RFC 6991. Since I don't find any explanation of this in the accompanying text, I suspect this is an error. I think you want to cite RFC 5952 rather than trying to to describe the various valid formats for IPv6 addresses here.


I believe you want to update the copyright date that appears at the top of the YANG module definition.


Please consider updating the example in appendix A to conform to the IAB guidance found at <https://www.iab.org/2016/11/07/iab-statement-on-ipv6/>. This would involve changing the example to use IPv6 instead of IPv4, or adding an IPv6 example in addition to the IPv4 example.