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Shepherd writeup

Note: This shepherd writeup follows the Essay Style Document Writeup Template

1. Summary

The document shepherd is Tal Mizrahi, and the responsible area director is
Martin Vigoureux.

This document describes a framework for Operations, Administration and
Maintenance (OAM) in the context of Service Function Chains (SFC).

The intended status of this document is informational, as it defines a
framework for OAM in the context of SFC, but does not define new protocols or

2. Review and Consensus

The draft was first submitted in July 2014, and gained wide support for working
group adoption. It was adopted in August 2015. The work on this document was
somewhat hibernated for a couple of years, and gained momentum again in 2019
during working group last call. Several working group members reviewed the
draft and expressed their support in WG last call. Several comments were
discussed thoroughly on the mailing list, followed by the WG chairs' decision
that consensus has been reached
The discussion included some terminology issues (including terms such as
availability and liveness), followed by a few iterations in which the document
was tuned to address the issues. Other comments were raised regarding the scope
of the document; whether it is applicable only to NSH or more generally to SFC,
and whether the gap analysis is sufficient. Although one reviewer was not
satisfied with the result
(, the
authors worked iteratively to resolve the vast majority of the issues.

The current version of the draft seems to have resolved the important issues,
and has the rough consensus of the working group.

3. Intellectual Property

Two IPR disclosures have been reported for this document. The two disclosures
are available in the Datatracker
- 3440  Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd's Statement about IPR related to
draft-ietf-sfc-oam-framework - 3121  Orange's Statement about IPR related to

An IPR poll was performed after working group last call and all the authors
confirmed that they are not aware of any further IPRs.

4. Other Points

The draft does not include any requests from IANA.