DHCPv6 Options for Configuration of Softwire Address and Port-Mapped Clients

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Comment (2014-10-30 for -09)
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This issue has been discussed and the authors have proposed changes to the references. I will leave the authors and AD to resolve the issue.

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Comment (2014-10-14 for -09)
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* I am surprised that some of the option formats do not do a better job of aligning fields on 32-bit boundaries.  Re-arranging a few fields (and possibly adding a Reserved/Padding field) would make parsing easier for the S46 Rule Option and the S46 DMR Option.

* I will note that since each of these options provides a single IP address, there is no mechanism in place to handle a failure with service hosted at that IP address.  For example, what would a client do if the address signaled via the OPTION_S46_BR was no longer reachable?

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I've had a quick look, and nothing stands out.  I trust my distinguished colleague from Vermont from there.

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