Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) SCSI Features Update

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 06 and is now closed.

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Comment (2013-10-08)
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I find the following text really confusing:

This document
is not a complete revision of [RFC3720]. Instead, this document
is intended as a companion document to [draft-ietf-storm-iscsi-
cons-xx]; this document may also be used as a companion document
to the combination of [RFC3720] and [RFC5048], although both of
those RFCs have been obsolete by [draft-ietf-storm-iscsi-cons-

.. and will be mostly redundant the day draft-ietf-storm-iscsi-cons
is published.

So given that this draft will wait in the RFC editor's queue until 
draft-ietf-storm-iscsi-cons is an RFC, may I suggest that just say 
that it is a companion to draft-ietf-storm-iscsi-cons, and put the 
text about [RFC3720] and [RFC5048] in the to be deleted 
editor's note?

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Comment (2013-10-10)
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- 4.2: what if something goes wrong in T10 and those
changes don't happen?

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Comment (2013-10-07)
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The abstract and the introduction should say what is actually in the document and why this is a companion document (e.g. sections 4-7 are fine. the intro is just ambigious.

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