Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Groupchat

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Comment (2015-03-03 for -10)
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- Figure 1 is way complicated. I guess it might just
need to be but it's fairly unreadable. If you think it
worth looking at again, then maybe dropping the outer
boundary "lines" might make it clearer.

- 5.4: is the use of ellipsis for the SIP version of
xmpp's "from" in table 3 sufficiently clear? Are there
any quote characters or other stuff that might be gotten
wrong? I wonder if the tables are a little too terse.

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Comment (2015-03-02 for -10)
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-- Section 5.5.2 --

   The XMPP message type ought to
   be "chat" (and is not allowed to be "groupchat").

I think this is fine, but because of your careful and measured use of 2119 throughout the document set, I wonder how this is meant to be different from 'and MUST NOT be "groupchat"'?

-- Section 5.8 --

I suggest:

   |    <status>Time to go!</status>

   |    <status>O, look! methinks I see my cousin's ghost</status>


-- Section 10 --
My comment in stox-chat applies here, as well, though I note that in this case you do not already have a reference to stox-im to work with.

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Comment (2015-03-04 for -10)
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4: There's a noun missing here:

   By contrast, in
   MSRP sessions (including groupchat sessions) are considered to be a
   type of media (similar to audio/video sessions)

The bullet list refers to "", but Figure 1 shows "".

The particular endpoints for both romeo and juliet are not shown in the figure, but the bullet list doesn't say, "not shown in diagram".

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Comment (2015-03-03 for -10)
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Two question about this text out of the ACK section:
"Some text in this document was borrowed from [RFC7247] and from

This draft has the standard IETF copyright template upfront and 'borrows' text from [XEP-0045]. I assume borrows actually mean copying text, isn't it?

Do the authors and the responsible AD see any conflicts between the copyright of [XEP-0045] and the copyright of this document?

Are the borrowed text parts out of [XEP-0045] marked somehow? I could find the parts.