Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) Transport Mapping for Syslog

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Alexey Melnikov Yes

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5.4.1.  Message Size

   There is no upper limit for a message
   length per se.  As stated in [RFC4347], each DTLS record MUST fit
   within a single DTLS datagram.  When mapping onto different
   transports, DTLS has different record size limitations.  The
   application implementer SHOULD determine the maximum record size
   allowed by DTLS protocol running over the transport in use.  The
   message size SHOULD NOT exceed the DTLS maximum record size
   limitation of 2^14 bytes.

Why is this "SHOULD NOT" and not a "MUST NOT"? The quoted requirement 
from [RFC4347] doesn't seem to give any excuses.

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send info the following text from section 5.1:

   Transports, such as UDP or DCCP do not provide
   session multiplexing and session-demultiplexing.

use either 0 or 2 commas around "such as UDP or DCCP".

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I support Jari's and Tim's DISCUSSes.

Section 8., paragraph 1:
>    IANA is requested to assign a registered UDP and DCCP port number for
>    syslog over DTLS.  The same value as for syslog over TLS (6514) is
>    requested.

  Do you also want the same service name (i.e., syslog-tls) for 6514/udp
  and 6514/dccp?

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  Please consider the proposed change in the Gen-ART Review by
  Miguel Garcia on 17-May-2010:

  In Section 5.3, the last sentence of the first paragraph reads:

   "When the DTLS handshake has
   finished, the transport sender MAY then send the first syslog

  I think what you really want to say is:

   "The transport sender MUST NOT send any syslog message before the
    DTLS handshake has successfully completed."

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(David Harrington) Recuse

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Comment (2010-05-17)
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Given that disclosure is one of the primary threats described in Section 4, shouldn't the security considerations prohibit the use of cipher suites with NULL encryption?