ICMP Attacks against TCP

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This document is the product of the TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions Working Group. 

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Technical Summary
This document discusses the use of the Internet Control Message
Protocol (ICMP) to perform a variety of attacks against the
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Additionally, it describes
a number of widely implemented modifications to TCP's
handling of ICMP error messages that help to mitigate these issues. 

Working Group Summary
This document was originally proposed for publication on the 
standards track. The WG did not reach consensus that the IETF
should recommend the mitigation techniques documented in this
document due to a number of associated drawbacks, although
some of the these techniques are widely implemented in
popular TCP stacks. There was WG consensus to publish a
description of these techniques as an Informational RFC, to
document deployed stack behavior.
Protocol Quality
There are several existing implementations that perform certain
activities described in this document.  These come from many
different vendors and other sources, and some are widely deployed.


Wesley Eddy (Wesley.M.Eddy@nasa.gov) is the document shepherd.
Lars Eggert (lars.eggert@nokia.com) reviewed the document for the IESG.