Shepherd writeup


Sean Turner is the document Shepherd.
Ben Kaduk is the responsible Area Director.

This document was born from a DT (Design Team) formed after discussions at IETF 106 about draft-ietf-tls-external-psk-importer made it clear that some guidance was needed with respect to PSKs (Pre-Shared Keys).

Including this to avoid a protracted Informational vs BCP discussion: The document is intended as Informational. The Shepherd did ask whether anyone remembered a "BCP discussion," but none did. Thoughts on Informational vs BCP ranged from “informational is fine” to “no strong opinion”. Since the WG has had over a year to request a change as it has not, decided to leave it as is.

Review and Consensus

The DT was comprised of the following participants: Benjamin Beurdouche, Bjoern Haase, Christopher Wood, Colm MacCarthaigh, Eric Rescorla, Jonathan Hoyland, Martin Thomson, Mohamad Badra, Mohit Sethi, Oleg Pekar, Owen Friel, and Russ Housley. In addition to this powerhouse DT providing input on the original version of the document, the document was also reviewed by the following people: Scott Hollenbeck, Jim Schaad, Carrick Bartle, Watson Ladd, John Mattsson, Ben Smyth, and Jonathan Hammell. The Shepherd has no concerns whatsoever about the breadth and depth of reviews.

The DT’s output was presented at a virtual interim meeting.  The remainder of the discussion occurred on the list.

Intellectual Property

The Shepherd has verified that all of the authors have already disclosed any IPR related to this document, as is required by BCPs 78 and 79.

Other Points

There are no DOWNREFs.

There are no IANA considerations.