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Shepherd writeup

In summary, this draft has grown out of a need that was established in 2017 to
create a short and 'tried and tested' version of the guidelines that are
provided in RFC 8280. This document has done just that. It has received
extensive reviews and has reached consensus. The document has received a lot of
comments and reviews, which is probably why the development of the document has
taken roughly four years. Because of its goals, it is based on extensive use of
RFC 8280. Thus in the review of documents in working groups, reviewers and as
well as by draft authors, HRPC RG document RFC 8280 has been the touchstone.
Furthermore there has been ample discussion about the inclusion of new
guidelines, concerns and the interrelation between technical concepts. In
particular there has been an obvious focus on human rights on the list. The
document has received reviews from social scientists, protocol developers and
network operators alike. The research group has spent ample time to achieve
full consensus for this document. All comments received in last call were
sufficiently dealt with by the authors. There is no known intellectual property
written into the document.