ICN Adaptation to LoWPAN Networks (ICN LoWPAN)

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 09 and is now closed.

Ballot question: "Is this draft ready for publication in the IRTF stream?"

Carsten Bormann Yes

Comment (2020-12-04 for -09)
This is a good basis for running experiments with ICN in constrained node network environments.
There are a few nits left, at least one of which needs to be addressed before moving this forward to the next process step.

The "C" flag is rather confusing for the reader (set to 0 for compression); could this be an "U" (uncompressed) flag?
Clearly, the erroneous Table 1 reflects the need for such a change.

RFC 8930 and related have been published; this puts the present specification on somewhat firmer ground.

David Oran Yes

Dirk Kutscher Yes

Lars Eggert No Objection

Comment (2020-12-08 for -09)
(Dummy edit, to check if an email goes out this time.)

Section 3.2., paragraph 3:
>    The stateless header compression scheme makes use of compact bit
>    fields to indicate the presence of optional TLVs in the uncompressed
>    packet.  The order of set bits in the bit fields corresponds to the
>    order of each TLV in the packet. 

  Ordering by value (vie the bitfield) can lead to reordering of TLVs
  after compression/decompression - I assume that is OK?

Section 5.1., paragraph 0:
> 5.1.  TLV Encoding

  Any reason why an RFC6256 encoding wasn't chosen here instead of
  inventing a new scheme?

Section 7., paragraph 1:
>    This document adopts the compact time representation
>    [I-D.gundogan-icnrg-ccnx-timetlv] for relative time values. 

  Maybe this draft should then normatively depend on the specification
  in [I-D.gundogan-icnrg-ccnx-timetlv] instead of duplicating it here?

Section 13.2., paragraph 2:
>    [I-D.gundogan-icnrg-ccnx-timetlv]
>               Gundogan, C., Schmidt, TC., Oran, D., and M. Waehlisch,
>               "An Alternative Delta Time encoding for CCNx using
>               Interval Time from RFC5497", draft-gundogan-icnrg-ccnx-
>               timetlv-00 (work in progress), November 2019.

  Outdated reference: A later version (-01) exists of

Section 13.2., paragraph 3:
>    [I-D.ietf-6lo-fragment-recovery]
>               Thubert, P., "6LoWPAN Selective Fragment Recovery", draft-
>               ietf-6lo-fragment-recovery-21 (work in progress), March
>               2020.

  Outdated reference: draft-ietf-6lo-fragment-recovery has been
  published as RFC 8931

Section 13.2., paragraph 4:
>    [I-D.ietf-6lo-minimal-fragment]
>               Watteyne, T., Thubert, P., and C. Bormann, "On Forwarding
>               6LoWPAN Fragments over a Multihop IPv6 Network", draft-
>               ietf-6lo-minimal-fragment-15 (work in progress), March
>               2020.

  Outdated reference: draft-ietf-6lo-minimal-fragment has been published
  as RFC 8930

Mallory Knodel No Objection

Spencer Dawkins No Objection