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Shepherd writeup

Shepherd writeup (on version -03, entered on 09-08-2021:
-       RG last call initiated on 23-02-2021, concluded on 17-03-2021
-       The document received several reviews (5+) and comments during the last
call period. The review comments and replies from the authors are available in
the NMRG mailing list archives (subject line: “RG Last Call for
draft-irtf-nmrg-ibn-intent-classification”) -       Document versions and diffs
are available at: -  
    Authors have been diligent and thorough in addressing comments raised by
the RG through the different versions as RG document (from -00 to current -03),
seeking consensus and technical improvement of the content and form. -      
After conclusion of the RG last call, authors have addressed all pending
comments. The document is stable; no oppositions or disagreements from the RG
participants on the publication of this work as an IRTF RFC have been expressed
during and after the RG last call. The current version of the document
represents the consensus of the RG. -       The document will have to be
updated (e.g. in IRSG review) to comply with guidelines for IRTF RFCs,
specifically (citing RFC 5743, o       There must be a
statement in the abstract identifying it as the product of the RG o       There
must be a paragraph near the beginning (for example, in the introduction)
describing the level of support for publication. Example text might read: "this
document represents the consensus of the FOOBAR RG" or "the views in this
document were considered controversial by the FOOBAR RG but the RG reached a
consensus that the document should still be published". o       The breadth of
review the document has received must also be noted. For example, was this
document read by all the active contributors, only three people, or folks who
are not "in" the RG but are expert in the area? o       It must also be very
clear throughout the document that it is not an IETF product and is not a

The authors agreed to update the document to address the above comment when the
document will enter IRSG review.