Shepherd writeup

This document is targeted for publication as an Informational RFC on the Independent Stream.

It describes a profile of the CNSA and CRL that is deemed appropriate for deployment in certain government environments in the USA.

The document has been clearly exposed to the IETF's securitty community and has been discussed in SAAG.

Expert reviews were provided for the ISE by Jim Schaad and Alexey Melnikov, and the document was updated accordingly.

Discussions of thee appropriateness of publication in the Independent Stream were held widely including: on the SAAG list, in SAAG meetings, in the ISEB, and in private conversation. Other publication forums suggested included the IETF Stream and USG web sites.

The ISE concluded that (provided this profile does not serve to weaken the security defined and recommended by the IETF) publication as an Independent Submission RFC is of interest and value to the Internet community. Doing so will be a benefit to implementers and deployers in the target community, and may prove useful to other oversight bodies seeking to build their own profiles.