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Shepherd writeup

draft-jenkins-cnsa-cmc-profile has been presented for publication as an
Informational RFC in the Independent Submissions Stream.

This is one of a series of documents being brought forward that describe
profiles of various security tools. The profiles have been developed by
the US Government, but are not portrayed as mandatory beyond their use
within US Government deployments, nor are they recommended for use by
other parties. The profiles are presented to enable developers to comply
with the profiles, but also to offer them as input to other bodies that
may wish to construct their own profiles.

The full set of documents that I am aware of is:
- draft-jenkins-cnsa-cert-crl-profile (done 5742, in RFC Editor queue)
- draft-jenkins-cnsa-cmc-profile (this document)
- draft-jenkins-cnsa-smime-profile (not yet reviewed)
- draft-turner-sodp-profile (not yet reviewed)

This particular document is a profile of Certificate Management over CMS

It has been reviewed for me by Jonathan Hammell and  Sean Turner. This
resulted in some minor updates for clarity and accuracy. 

I also conducted a review, and asked the authors to update the Abstract
to make it more simple and obvious.