Some Measurements on World IPv6 Day from an End-User Perspective

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The IESG has no problem with the publication of 'Some Measurements on
World IPv6 Day from End-User Perspective'
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Technical Summary

   During the World IPv6 Day on June 8th, 2011, several key content
   providers enabled their networks to offer both IPv4 and IPv6
   services.  Hundreds of organizations participated in this effort, and
   in the months and weeks leading up to the event worked hard on
   preparing their networks to support this event.  The event was
   largely unnoticed by the general public, which is a good thing since
   it means that no major problems were detected.  For the Internet,
   however, there was a major change on such a small timescale.  This
   memo discusses measurements that the authors made from the
   perspective of an end-user with good IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.  Our
   measurements include the number of most popular networks providing
   AAAA records for their service as well as delay and connection
   failure statistics.

Working Group Summary

   This document is an ISE submission.

  From the ISE:

  Bob Hinden reviewed it for me, he noted:
  "This draft has four informative references with links to graphs that
  may not be stable enough for an RFC. The ISE and authors should
  consider finding a better repository for these as they are important
  for the document as we can't include them directly in the ASCII
  version of the document. They should also be shown as normative
  references as they are essentially part of the document."

  It might also be useful to publish a companion pdf version of this
  document with the graphs included in the document.

  These are RFC Production issues - however they've agreed that
  publishing a (non-normative) .pdf version will be OK, and the
  authors have agreed to help with that. 

Document Quality

   See the IESG note for suggested RFC 5742 text.
   Brian Haberman reviewed the document according to RFC 5742 and
   recommends responding that the IESG has no problem with the
   publication of 'Some Measurements on World IPv6 Day from End-User
   <draft-keranen-ipv6day-measurements-03> as an Informational RFC.


   Brian Haberman <> is the responsible AD.


   The IESG has concluded that there is no conflict between this
      document and IETF work.