Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

   Alexey Melnikov is the responsible Area Director.

   Zstandard, or "zstd" (pronounced "zee standard"), is a data
   compression mechanism.  This document describes the mechanism, and
   registers a media type to be used when transporting zstd-compressed
   via Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME), as well as
   a new HTTP Content Coding.

2. Review and Consensus

   This is not a product of an IETF WG.

   There are multiple implementations of "zstd" compression algorithm, see <>
   See also Section 5 of the draft.

3. Intellectual Property

   Editors confirmed that they have no IPR to disclose.

4. Other Points

   The document is incorrectly stating that it is Standards Track, however it was IETF Last Called as Informational.
   The document is Informational, so there are no DownRefs.

   IANA Considerations are clear.