Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Barry Leiba is the document shepherd and the responsible Area Director.

   The process by which the members of the IAB and IESG, and some
   members of the IAOC, are selected, confirmed, and recalled is
   specified in this document.  This document is a self-consistent,
   organized compilation of the process as it was known at the time of
   publication of [RFC3777], with various updates since that version was

BCP status has been requested, as this will replace the set of documents
that is currently BCP 10.

2. Review and Consensus

This is not the product of a WG, so the review so far consists basically of
some feedback on the main IETF list.  Consensus basically has to cover
the process and not the content, since the content is merely a consolidation
of the five documents currently comprising BCP 10.

Most of the feedback has been supportive, including remarks from the current
NomCom.  There has been one vocal opponent to the work who has gone so
far as to post a counter-proposal; the basis of the objection is that we shouldn’t
bother with an intermediate consolidation step and should instead go right into
considering changes to BCP 10 at the same time as consolidating, because the
cost of going through the publication process twice is needlessly high.  One or
two others have concurred.

Jari Arkko undertook careful construction of a diff to show that the consolidation
is an accurate reflection of the five documents’ aggregate content, and nothing

3. Intellectual Property

The author has affirmed to me that he knows of no IPR on the material in this document that has not been declared as required by BCPs 78 and 79.

4. Other Points

The editor of this draft has volunteered to update BCP 10 a second time after
this version is published, the second version being the “cracked open” version
that the community can modify.