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Shepherd writeup

draft-moura-dnsop-authoritative-recommendations has been presented to
the ISE for publication as an Informational RFC on the Independent


This document reports on some recent research that explored the DNS.
It summarises the conclusions of the research and makes recommendations
to operators when configuring authoritative DNS servers.

It is possible that the results may also be applied to any stateless/
short-duration, anycasted service.

== History==

The document was presented to DNSOP at IETF-104 and IETF-105. This led
to valuable feedback that was incorporated into the draft. 

The authors would have been happy for the document to run through the
IETF, but the hum at IETF-105 was not conclusive and, as one member of
the WG said: "It's hard for DNSOP to improve this document, given its
derived from academic work that has been published."

The DNSOP chairs supported the plan to come to the ISE (with Suzanne
Wolf taking the lead on that).

The document was first brought to the ISE in July 2019 at version -05.
Since then it has been revised several times, including a substantial

==Non-IETF Work==

The Abstract and Introduction contain a brief statement that this is 
not an IETF consensus document.

==Security Considerations==

The document contains brief security and privacy sections pointing back
into the body of the text. While it would certainly be possible to say a
lot more about security and privacy wrt the DNS, the research being 
reported was not focused on that.


The document makes no request for IANA action.


As well as reviewing the document themself, the ISE commissioned reviews
from Ray Bellis and Tony Finch. Paul Hoffman also gave a brief review.

The reviews led to a number of updates and triggered a rewrite that 
moved a lot of the material around, making the document much clearer.

Details of the reviews can be retrieved on request.

There is a nit with the reference to RFC 5575 which will be resolved.