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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

   The responsible Area Director is Spencer Dawkins, who is also 
   acting as document shepherd.

   This memo defines a portion of the Management Information Base (MIB)
   for devices implementing the Network Address Translator (NAT)
   function.  The new MIB module defined in this document, NATV2-MIB, is
   intended to replace module NAT-MIB (RFC 4008).  NATV2-MIB is not
   backwards compatible with NAT-MIB, for reasons given in the text of
   this document.  A companion document deprecates all objects in NAT-
   MIB.  NATV2-MIB can be used for monitoring of NAT instances on a
   device capable of NAT function.  Compliance levels are defined for
   three application scenarios: basic NAT, pooled NAT, and carrier-grade
   NAT (CGN).

2. Review and Consensus

   For much of its life, this work existed as draft-ietf-behave-nat-mib in
   the BEHAVE working group. It became an AD-sponsored draft when BEHAVE
   was concluded. As a working group draft, it was not controversial,
   and much of the focus of discussion was between the authors of this 
   draft, an IPFIX NAT management document, and a SYSLOG NAT management 
   document, working to make sure each NAT management tool provided 
   equivalent functionality, to the extent possible. 
   The biggest decisions were whether to modify the v1 NAT MIB, or to 
   replace it (they replaced it), and whether to replace the v1 NAT MIB 
   and define the v2 NAT MIB in the same document, or in two documents
   (they chose two documents, at Dave Harrington's suggestion).
   While the work was still draft-ietf-behave-nat-mib, Dave Thaler did
   a detailed chair review and provided comments, most of which were 
   minor ("no RFC 2119 boilerplate, and it's needed", etc.)
   David Harrington also provided a detailed review from a MIB-doctor 
   perspective for draft-ietf-behave-nat-mib, and continued to work 
   closely with the authors after the work became 
   draft-perrault-behave-natv2-mib to help them resolve issues he raised.

3. Intellectual Property

   Each author has confirmed conformance with BCP 78/79. There are no IPR
   disclosures on the document.

4. Other Points

   This draft is tied to draft-perrault-behave-deprecate-nat-mib-v1.
   This draft defines nat-mib-v2, and the other deprecates nat-mib-v1.