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Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-seantek-windows-image-02

  "This document registers media types for certain image formats
   promulgated in Microsoft Windows, namely image/wmf, image/x-wmf,
   image/emf, image/x-emf, and image/bmp for use with Windows Metafile,
   Enhanced Metafile, and Windows Bitmap formats. Originally designed
   for Microsoft Windows 2.0 and 3.0, these image files are intended to
   be portable between applications and devices, and may contain both
   vector and raster graphics."

It was reviewed for me by Dave Thaler, its author
has made the changes discussed between them.

This draft has IANA Considerations, it asks IANA to "register the media
types image/wmf, image/x-wmf, image/emf, image/x-emf, and image/bmp.
I've asked IANA to review that request.

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