IETF Working Groups' Secretaries

Summary: Needs a YES.

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Comment (2014-12-03)
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Two very minor comments:

1. I would like to see RFC 2418 as a normative reference.  That's not because it initially defines the job of the working group secretary, but because it defines how working groups operate in general, and I think it's therefore critical to understand that in order to put the delegation to a secretary into proper perspective.

2. In Section 5 you say this:

   Section 3 has listed the typical functions and responsibilities of WG
   Secretaries. The role of a given WG Secretary can range from a few of
   these to the full spectrum of them, and even beyond.

I don't think "typical" is really the right word here: do you know of any working group that delegates all of those things to the secretary?  I think those are typical WG chair functions and responsibilities, but not (at least not yet) typical secretary functions.  It might be that "possible" is better?  Or perhaps "...listed the typical functions and responsibilities of WG Chairs that might be delegated to a WG Secretary."

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