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Shepherd writeup

draft-smyshlyaev-mgm has been presented for publication as an
Informational RFC on the Independent Submissions Stream.

The document is an English language presentation of the Russian standard
for the Multilinear Galois Mode (MGM) cipher mode. It is used in Russia
as part of the GOST set of block cipher algorithms. It is presented for
reference to allow review and use with any block cipher.

The document clearly states in Section 1 that:
   This document does not have IETF consensus and does not imply IETF
   support for MGM.

The draft was first brought to the ISE at revision -14. Along the way, 
it has been reviewed by Yoav Nir and Dmitry Khovratovich, as well as by
the ISE. The CFRG was also pinged for comments: although this didn't
yield any comments, the silence is somewhat comforting give the CFRG's
rigorous approach.

The document was updated several times to resolve the issues from the
reviews and is now ready for publication.