Shepherd writeup

draft-smyshlyaev-tls12-gost-suites has been presented for publication as
an Informational RFC on the Independent Submission Stream.


This document specifies three new cipher suites for TLS1.2 to support
the Russian cryptographic standard algorithms (called GOST algorithms).

This document forms part of a suite of related documents that present
the GOST algorithms in English and show how they can be used with IETF
standard protocols. In many cases, code points are assigned from 
"specification required" registries to enable proper use in the field.

Please note that the reference to the obsolete RFC 5246 is deliberate.
While it is acknowledged that implementations should move to TL1.3, 
there is still plenty of TLS1.2 deployed, and it is important to make
the GOST suites available for use with TLS1.2. A separate draft is
attending to GOST and TLS1.3.

== History==

This document has been a work in progress since June 2018.

This document was first brought to the ISE at revision -06 in October

==Non-IETF Work==

The Abstract and Introduction contain clear statements that the document
does not imply IETF endorsement of the cipher suites.


Code points have already been assigned by IANA (with appropriate Expert
Review) and referenced to this document as an Internet-Draft. This IANA
actions in this document simply update the registries to point to this
document as an RFC.

This document makes no request for IANA assignments from any registry
requiring IETF action.


This document was reviewed for the ISE by Russ Housley and Rich Salz.
Both reviewers have become familiar with the GOST work and have 
previously supported publication of GOST RFCs in the Independent Stream.

Russ and Rich found a number smallish issues which the authors resolved
in a new revision.

The ISE also performed to reviews of the document to check that it is
good shape for publication (although without any technical clue on the

The Designated Experts for the associated IANA registries are Yoav Nir,
Rich Salz, and Nick Sullivan.

Details of the reviews are available on request.