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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Document Shepherd: Andy Newton. Responsible AD: Barry Leiba

This is an individual submission for a URN namespace registration
using a URN NID of "lex".

The purpose of the "lex" namespace is to assign an unequivocal
identifier, in standard format, to documents that are sources of law
which include any legal document within the domain of legislation,
case law and administrative acts or regulations.

2. Review and Consensus

Review on this document occurred on the URN-NID mailing list. Specific
feedback from Patrik Falstrom and Ted Hardy led to the following

- Section 2.4
Added the case in which a ccTLD code is re-assigned to another country

- Section 3.3
Better specified that the urn:lex standard is case-sensitive

- Section 3.4
Specified the possibility to convert non-ascii characters with
Punycode translation

- Section 4.6
The language of the source of law is expressed by BCP 47 instead of ISO 0639-1

Additionally, grammar rule productions were changed to ABNF and
references using IDNA were updated to current RFCs at the request of
the document shepherd.

3. IPR

Both document authors have acknowledged to the document shepherd that
all IPR disclosures have been made per BCP 78 & 79.

4. Other Points

a. As this is an Informational document, downward references are not of concern.
b. The IANA considerations section notes the necessary DNS entries for
DDDS resolution of URNs to be made by the IANA in the zone.
c. The authors were notified that the URNBIS working group may be
changing the URN registration process but have opted to register "lex"
under the current URN NID registration mechanism.
d. The document shepherd hasn't exactly been timely with this write-up.