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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Barry Leiba is the document shepherd.  Alexey Melnikov is the responsible Area Director.

The 2910bis and 2911bis documents are making necessary updates to the Internet Printing
Protocol that was produced by the IPP working group and published as RFCs 2910 and 2911
in 2000.  The updates bring the protocol up to what is currently deployed.

2. Review and Consensus

After the IPP working group was closed down in 2000, further work on Internet printing moved
out of the IETF and into the IEEE-ISTO's Printer Working Group (IPP WG).  These documents
represent the work of that group, which is where all the operators/implementors of IPP do
their work (they are, basically, the ones who worked in the IETF IPP working group when it
was active).  The documents have consensus of that group, and the consensus and implementation
are solid and broad.

The documents are being brought back into the IETF for last call and publication because
they are updating (replacing) IETF Standards Track documents.  There is no active work in the
IETF on Internet printing now.

3. Intellectual Property

The authors are in full compliance with BCPs 78 and 79, and they are not aware of any IPR
claims on these documents.

4. Other Points

2910bis updates the definition of the application/ipp media type; the updating template is
current and correct.  The IANA Considerations for 2911bis reviews the existing registries
that allow for extending IPP.  ISSUE: The preamble to that section should explicitly say
that the only new action for IANA is to change the reference document for those registries
to point to the 2911bis document.