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Shepherd writeup

draft-touch-sne has been presented for publication as an Informational
RFC in the Independent Stream


This document provides a description of a way to extend the sequence
numbers used in sliding window protocols so that they don't wrap as
often. The intention is to provide a general-purpose mechanism that
could be adopted by any (IETF) protocol that uses sliding windows.

== History==

This document was brought direct to the ISE at revision -00. The author
recognised that there was no immediate home for it in the IETF and
wanted to keep it general rather than specific to a particular protocol.

This technique was first introduced as a concept in TCP-AO (RFC 5925).
The author feels that the pseudocode in 5925 is not complete.

The ISE contacted the TCPM chairs as possibly the most obvious consumers
of this work. They did not object to the work on the Independent Stream.

==Non-IETF Work==

There is probably no reason that a reader would assume that this was an
IETF-approved specification, and the RFC will contain the usual boiler-
plate noting that it is not an IETF specification.

The ISE is working with the author to include explicit text noting that
the document is not the product of the IETF.

==Security Considerations==

The document includes a note that extending the sequence number space
does not improve entropy and so is not, of itself, a lever for better


The document makes no request for IANA action.


The document includes sample code.


The document has been reviewed by the ISE and a number of commissioned
reviewers (Wes Eddy, Juhamatti Kuusisaari, and Ron Bonica). Michael 
Scharf (TCPM co-chair) also looked through the document.

None of the reviews was extensive (it's a short document). Details can
be retrieved on request.


In early discussion of this work it was suggested that an error in 
RFC 5925 had been reported on the TCPM mailing list. The TCPM chairs
requested that the author raised an errata report for this. It seems
to the ISE that this is achieved in by EID 5672. If further reports
are needed, anyone can raise them.