Shepherd writeup

=== 1. Summary ===

Document shepherd: Nevil Brownlee
Responsible Area Director: Benoit Claise

This document revises the tcpControlBits IPFIX Information Element
defined in RFC 5102 to reflect changes to the TCP Flags header field
since RFC 793.  Since RFC 5102 is a Proposed Standard RFC, a change to
one of its Information Elements requires IETF consensus.

The document is Informational; it provides information to IPFIX
developers who wish to use TCP's ECN-related flag bits.

=== 2. Review and Consensus ===

This draft was written by Brian Trammell and Paul Aitken, both of whom
are IE-Doctors and active IPFIX developers.  Andrew Feren and Lothar
Braun made further contributions to the discussion; in particular
noting that backward compatibility with existing IPFIX collectors must
be maintained.

The draft has been discussed on the IPFIX list since early September;
there is clear consensus for it within the WG.

Brian acknowledges that this work on this is partially supported by
the mPlane project, implying that there is strong interest in it
within mPlane.

=== 3. Intellectual Property ===

There are no IPR disclosures for this draft.  Since it's simply
updating an Information Element to match current - i.e. later than
RFC 793 - Internet Standards, I can't believe anyone could claim
IPR on it!

=== 4. Other Points ===

This document does not have any downward references.

Its IANA Considerations simply ask IANA to change the tcpControlBits
Information Element (IE) in the IE Registry, following the process
described in RFC 7012.  This is a simple, clearly-defined change.

The ID-nits checker complains that some of its references are drafts
that have been published as RFCs; the RFC Editor will fix those.

Overall, I believe that this draft is ready for publication as
an RFC.

Cheers, Nevil