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Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-tsou-behave-natx4-log-reduction-05

  "Various IPv6 transition strategies require the introduction of large-
   scale NATs (e.g.  AFTR, NAT64) to share the limited supply of IPv4
   addresses available in the network until transition is complete.
   There has recently been debate over how to manage the sharing of
   ports between different subscribers sharing the same IPv4 address.
   One factor in the discussion is the operational requirement to log
   the assignment of transport addresses to subscribers.  It has been
   argued that dynamic assignment of individual ports between
   subscribers requires the generation of an excessive volume of logs.
   This document suggests a way to achieve dynamic port sharing while
   keeping log volumes low."

This draft was discussed in the BEHAVE WG over rather a long period,
starting in November 2010.  It was not taken up by that WG, instead
it's been subitted to the Independent Stream.  In 2013 I checked with
the Transport ADs (Spencer Dawkins and Martin Stiemerling), and one of
the BEHAVE Chairs (Dave Thaler) - all agreed it should be OK in the
Indepednent Stream.

This draft was later reviewed for me by Brian Carpenter, the authors
have revised the draft to address his comments.

This draft has no IANA Considerations.

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