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Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-williams-exp-tcp-host-id-opt-05

  "Recent IETF proposals have identified benefits to more distinctly
   identifying the hosts that are hidden behind a shared address/prefix
   sharing device or application-layer proxy.  Analysis indicates that
   the use of a TCP option for this purpose can be successfully applied
   to a broad range of use cases.  This document describes a common
   experimental TCP option format for host identification."

This draft was reviewed for me by David Borman, Alex Zimmerman, Wes George
and Joe Touch; Lars Egert said "tagging packets behind a middlebox is 
helping pervasive surveilance."

Most of these REVIEWERS have worked with the authors to improve the draft.

This draft has IANA Considerations; it "uses the shared
   experimental options format [RFC6994], with ExID=0x0348 (840) in
   network-standard byte order.  This ExID has already been registered
   with IANA."

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