YANG Data Model for L3VPN Service Delivery

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Suresh Krishnan Discuss

Discuss (2017-10-23)
* The usage of the term mask with reference to the "mask" leaf node in all the places in this document seems to be incorrect. There are two issues with this wrong usage. IPv4 subnet masks are 32 bits in length and cannot be represented with an uint8. IPv6 does not have the same concept of subnet masks as IPv4 at all. So, I think the easiest way to fix this would be to replace the instances of mask with "prefix-length" instead which can be represented with an uint8 and works for both IPv6 and IPv4 (CIDR).

* There is an off-by-one error in the definition of the prefix lengths for IPv6 addresses. Currently this is defined as

     leaf mask {
      type uint8 {
      range "0..127";

   but prefix lengths of 128 bits are perfectly legal are common especially in DHCPv6 assigned addresses. So the range must be "0..128"
Comment (2017-10-23)
* When the address-allocation-type is provider-dhcp-relay or provider-dhcp for IPv6 how is the default gateway information communicated as required by the following text in Section  

"  In the dynamic addressing mechanism, the SP is expected to provide at
   least the IP address, mask, and default gateway information."

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