Shepherd writeup

Write-up for:
  Cisco Specific Information Elements reused in IPFIX

=== 1. Summary ===

Document shepherd: Nevil Brownlee
Responsible Area Director: Joel Jaeggli

The document is intended to be Informational, AD-sponsored by Joel.
It describes additional Information Elements of Cisco
Systems, Inc. that are not listed in RFC3954.

Section 4 of [RFC7012] defines the IPFIX Information Elements in
the range of 1-127 to be compatible with the NetFlow version 9
fields, as specified in the "Cisco Systems NetFlow Services Export
Version 9" [RFC3954].  Since [RFC3954] was specified in 2004, it does
not contain all NetFlow version 9 specific fields in the range 1-127.
This document is intended to complete the IPFIX Information Elements
IANA registry, filling the gaps in the range 1-127.

=== 2. Review and Consensus ===

This draft's -00 version was published in July 2011. All three
authors are from Cisco Systems.  Since then the draft was presented
a few times during IPFIX meetings. However, not much feedback
was received as this is mainly a FYI-type of document. Nonetheless,
there is clear value in the document, as the range 1-127 was
in fact a gimmick to take into account the NetFlow evolution while
the IPFIX standard was being specified.

=== 3. Intellectual Property ===

No IPR disclosures have been made directly on this draft, IPR
on it has not been discussed in the WG.

=== 4. Other Points ===

This document has no downward references.

Its IANA Considerations clearly state what IANA is being asked
to do, i.e. add some new IPFIX Information Elements to the
IPFIX Information Element Registry.  Note that one author
is one of the IE-Doctors.

The ID-nits checker has no complaints.

Overall, I believe that this draft is ready for publication as
an RFC.